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BA 324

Business Communication Master Syllabus Applies to All BA 324 Sections

Spring 2012

Instructor Info JJ Riekenberg (JJ.Riekenberg@mccombs.utexas.edu) Office: GSB 4.126J / Phone: 471-8051 Office Hours: MW 2:00-3:00 p.m. T 10:00-11:30 a.m. Th 2:00-3:30 p.m. Graders: Prerequisites Required classes: Lillian Niakan TBA

Sections 01780/ MWF 08:00 / CBA 4.322 01800/ MWF 10:00 / CBA 4.322 01805/ MWF 11:00 / CBA 4.322

English 603A, Rhetoric and Writing 306, 306Q, 309K, or Tutorial Course 603A, and credit or registration for BA 101H (or 102H), 101S, or 101T Basic writing skills, including grammar and mechanics Computer skills, including the ability to create PowerPoint presentations, communicate via email, and use the Internet

Expected skills:

Primary Textbook The primary required textbook for all BA 324 sections is Business Communication: Process & Product, 7th edition, by Mary Ellen Guffey and Dana Loewy. Individual lecturers may require additional texts and/or reading packets. The textbook is available in two versions: bound and loose leaf. Mission Statement The mission of BA 324 is to provide McCombs School of Business undergraduates with a conceptual framework and specific tools for communicating in complex environments and accomplishing strategic academic and professional business goals. This core course provides writing, oral, and collaborative skills necessary for future business courses, internships, and professional positions. Course Objectives: Preparing Students for Business Environments BA 324 focuses on writing, speaking, and interpersonal communication. Although differences in instructors’ presentation styles are a natural and valuable part of a multi-section course, all sections of BA 324 have the same objectives. These objectives specify that business students, at the conclusion of the course, should be able to        Analyze communication situations and audiences to make choices about the most effective and efficient way to communicate and deliver messages Conduct research that includes the use of electronic library resources and the Internet; use the results of that research to complete written and oral reports Deliver effective business presentations in contexts that may require either extemporaneous or impromptu oral presentations Provide feedback, accept feedback, and use feedback to improve communication skills Write business documents that are grammatically correct and use appropriate business style Develop effective interpersonal communication skills Use communication technology appropriately and effectively

2 Core Communication Skills and Required Assignments BA 324 focuses on a core set of communication skills and requires assignments that support students in their learning of these skills. Students can expect to work on this core set of skills in all sections of BA 324, although individual sections may add or substitute specific assignments that teach the same skills and fulfill the same course objectives. These communication skills and the types of assignments that teach those skills are described below. Written Communication: Students write letters, memos, proposals, formal and informal reports, work plans, and progress reports. Oral Communication: Oral presentations from 2-30 minutes long address informative, persuasive, and extemporaneous methods of delivery. Some oral presentations require the use of visual aids such as handouts, overhead transparencies, and presentation software such as PowerPoint. Time Management: Assignments are varied, integrated, and overlapping, and students must focus on multiple issues, projects, and demands. Students must, therefore, take responsibility for planning and pacing their own work as well as developing time management skills. Project Development: Groups of approximately four to six students develop projects, complete research, schedule meetings, write team papers and reports, and deliver a 20-30 minute oral presentation using...
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