Unemployement & Lack of Money

Pages: 2 (479 words) Published: October 8, 2005
If you read this dialogue carefully you can assume that the author of this statement want to call attention to the problem of unemployment, lack of money and maybe mechanization.

Maybe this text is a dialogue between a couple who lives under very poor circumstances in a poor country. They don't have any education and no chance to get a better life. The only way they can gain money is to do jobs that nobody else wants to do. This dialogue can be seen as a warning. Maybe the author will tell us that some people have to do dull jobs which nobody wants to make, because someone has to do it. But some people are too glory to do such poor jobs like keeping the handles turning on an old sausage machine. And so these people are unemployed. But when we are talking about unemployment we have to make a distinction between people who are able and willing to work but are unable to find a paying job and people who are just lazy about doing any jobs. Unemployment is a big issue since people seem to think that they can stay unemployed because they get a fair amount of money from our government. But this permanent unemployment is bad for people, business and industry.

This dialogue can also refer to the problem that workers have when they don't have equal rights, like for example the struggle of women to get the same money like their male colleagues when they are doing the same work.

But on the other hand this dialogue can be seen as a warning. Maybe an old couple is talking to each other. The husband is a rich men who can afford everything he wants because he is the chef of a huge company. He is in charge of a huge factory that is producing meat. The whole production is made by hard working workers who don't earn much for their job. Gully, the chef, wants to replace all of his hard-working workers into robots because in his opinion the workers are too slow and he want to make more profit with the robots. But his wife is warning him. The workplace of today isn't really...
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