Unemployed Immigrants in Canada

Topics: Unemployment, Economics, Canada Pages: 4 (1021 words) Published: March 5, 2011
Statement of Theme:
My research investigates on the Unemployment Immigrants in Canada considering the role of government policies , social institution , and language proficiency in the domain of employment . For this study I have gathered five published articles that explore these issues . The article “The unemployment insurance compensation experience of immigrants in Canada , 1980-1988” examines the unemployment experience of Canadian immigrants from 1980 - 1988 using the records of unemployment insurance benefits during that time. The next article, “The immigration unemployment relationship : evidence from Canada” demonstrates the co-relationship between the unemployment rate and the flow of immigration in Canada. Another article “ Continuity and Change in Canada’s unemployment - immigration linkages” discusses the effect of The Immigration Act of 1976 and how its implementation maintains a balance between the immigrants and work availability. The other article , “ Unemployment incidence of immigrant men in Canada” surveys the relation between recession and unemployment immigrants. The next article, “ On the political economy of low skilled immigration and welfare state” inquires into the collective decision making of both unemployment insurance and immigration and show how low skill immigrants contributes to the increasing rate of unemployed welfare. The purpose of this to construct a well- formed essay rendering all the above discussed factors that is concerned with the unemployment immigrants in Canada.

Pierre L. Siklos, William L. Marr. "The unemployment insurance compensation experience of immigrants in Canada 1980 -1988", Journal of Population Economics ( 1988) 11:127-147.

The authors researching on the unemployment experience of Canadian immigrant cohorts over the time period of 1980- 1988 use data from the unemployment insurance benefits of persons who immigrated to Canada in those years and who filed income tax returns and compared it to...
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