(Unedited) Preparedness of Teenage Primipara Mothers

Topics: Teenage pregnancy, Adolescence, Pregnancy Pages: 37 (11540 words) Published: May 4, 2011
Preparedness of the Teenage Primipara Toward Caring of Newborn in Selected Hospital in Batangas City

Teenage years belong to adolescence which is considered a time of identity versus role confusion as Erick Erikson stated (Videbeck, 2008). Adolescence is one of the most confusing times in a person's life. It is that period when they don't know how they are supposed to feel and act. There are traits of both an adult and their childhood present in them and that is why behaving like either, or both, gets very confusing for them. In addition to that, puberty brings in raging hormones that confuse them further. Grotevant and Cooper stated that adolescence is characterized by the process of individualization and separation (Sher-Censor, 2010) and a time to experience the feeling of “personal fable”, “imaginary audience”, and “founding fantasy as propounded by Elkind (Randisi, 2007). Teenage mother operationally defined as a girl that already bears down a baby in early age of 15-19 years old. Operationally, caring is warm wealth feeling of compassion, feeling of concern, being judicious in avoiding harm and danger and giving an attention and management that imply responsibility of safety. Merriam Webster Dictionary (2010) conceptualizes caring as responsibility for attention to health and well-being and safety. Pilliteri, 2007 cited that primipara as the women who conceived newborn for the first time. Preparedness is a state of readiness of a teenage mother in shouldering responsibility of caring to a newborn physically, mentally, emotionally, psychologically and economically. It is the state of having been made or prepared for use or action. Teenage primipara had not developed enough maturity to allow themselves to see and face the truth. The looming population, infant mortality rate and higher poverty rate in the Philippines has been affected by the teenage primiparas that undergone abortion with a number of 64,000, as of 2008 and an increasing numbers of teenage primiparas that comprise 3.6 million as the statistic revealed by World Bank in 2009 (Ong,2009). Government and educational institutions allocate a big part in this issue, specifically in bearing and raising children. The children of teenage parents compel assistance in daily needs such as; shelter, clothing and food. Most of the children of the teenage parents live in homes near or below poverty level which can be considered as one of the most alarming problems in our society. The medical field is also being challenged because of its high risk in illnesses. Oftentimes, the children being born of these teenage parents are lacking of prenatal care and optimum nutrition. With this terrible situation, most of these children experience illness, especially during their early years. Teenage pregnancy does not only affect the teenagers themselves, more so, their families and the society in a larger scale. It is not a personal matter; it is a social issue that needs attention and appropriate solution. When does pregnancy become a problem? When it comes too easily, untimely and unplanned, pregnancy entails responsibility and preparation, or shall the researchers use a more appropriate word, “preparedness”. One must be physically, emotionally, financially, psychologically and socially prepared in order to experience genuine motherhood. In short, “maturity” is the key word. The body needs to be matured in a certain point in order to bear child healthily almost without complications. During pregnancy, emotional stability is a must for which in this stage, the body becomes sensitive due to certain changes it is facing. Pregnant women tend to worry for she has lots of fears that need understanding and care. Most pregnant women suffer depression even after giving birth, which is so called the Post Partum Depression. Socially, pregnant women, can be very self conscious. Being pregnant can be very uncomfortable for some. These are just few of the things women experience during...
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