Undocumented Students

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  • Published : April 4, 2012
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Dulce Romero
Carol Hensley
English 1302
28 March 2012
Should undocumented students pursuing a higher education be able to get legalized?

There are thousands of undocumented students from different countries that migrate to the United States of America seeking a better way of life; however, the reality of that being possible is unlikely high. According an activist from the Lulac Association, over three million students graduate from U.S. high schools every year. Most get the opportunity to pursue a college degree, strive for their vocational goals, and reach for their American dream. Unfortunately, there are many students that see their dreams go down the drain for not having the right documentation to obtain a job and/or go to school. That is the main reason why undocumented students who are pursuing a higher education must be able to apply for a visa that can allow them to work on their field of study as well as to get financial aid, pay taxes, and become productive citizens who contribute to this country. This country is viewed as a melting pot for their many races, however, the reality is that even though they are many cultures, many believes, and nationalities, there are still some people in congress that do not believe in giving the immigrants the opportunity to growth professionally, and individually in this country even though this should be “a free country”; a country where people have freedom, a country of opportunities. Undocumented students should be able to obtain a visa to allow them to work for many reasons; one of them is for them to be able to get financial aid and pursue their dreams. There are many undocumented students that are in universities all over this country that are forced to dropped off for not having the money to continue paying for their education. It is a fact that undocumented students are only able to apply for state aid and many of the times the funds are not enough or they aren’t any. According to a financial...
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