Undocumented Immigrants

Topics: Culture, Assimilation, Cultural assimilation Pages: 2 (736 words) Published: December 3, 2012
Immigrants’ conflict in assimilation
Immigrants in the United States encounter many obstacles and conflicts while they struggle to absorb the new society from old culture. They struggle in two different languages, two different cultures, and two different people parts of the world. For some immigrants, it is easy to make an assimilation of new society. However, for some immigrants, it is difficult to assimilate to the new society because they already used to with their traditional home culture. The traditional home culture such as food, custom, values, norms are difficult to get rid of for some immigrants which make them difficult to live in the new society. First Generation Immigrants

As first immigrants’ generation, parents usually struggle with absorbing new languages, finding jobs and better life for families in the new society. Many first immigrants’ parents are busy in their new society; they have lack of time and communicate with their children. Some immigrants’ parents do not have time to teach their own traditional culture to their children. In back home country, children learn their own traditional culture from their families members, relatives, own community and society. In the new society, parents are always busy with their financial needs, working three or four jobs. “The children’s development of an identify culturally different from that of their parents intensifies intergenerational conflicts” (Tohidi, 1993, p. 156). Children are more often easily assimilating with new culture through their surrounding and experience. Tohidi also noticed that publishing to media helps children to learn faster the new culture than their parents. For some immigrants who are educated and upper middle and middle classes in their own county work with low wages and positions. The author of “Iranian Women and Gender Relations in Los Angeles” Nayereh Tohidi also states that “Iranian parents often resist their children’s wishes to become...
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