Underwater Restaurant

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Underwater Restaurant
This is a very unique kind of business establishment. It is different from the typical type of restaurants that usually offers different type of foods such as Chinese, French, Japanese and Pinoy Style. It is a restaurant underwater (not necessarily under sea water built in aquarium that sorrounds the whole restaurant will make it). The restaurant will offer delicious dishes but specialized in sea foods dishes. It perfectly suits for the people who are looking for a romantic place to celebrate occasion such as wedding anniversary. And even without occasion this business is open for all customers. The Funeral Homes

This is one of the feasible businesses here in Cabanatuan City. Since there is only 17 Funeral Chapels that offers Funeral services in the City (and only 11 of them are registered), there is a strong market in this kind of business. There are only few competitors, but the market of this business is not limited to any age, sex, or even religion. it can give its service to anyone who needs it. In others words, all the people in the community is considered as the customer. Strong market plans and strategies should be done in order to ensure the success of this business. The Modern Fitness Gym

This is perfectly planned for health and for the body figure conscious people. This business is also different form the other type of fitness gym. It should be built in a two-storey building. The upper portion of the building will be the room for Fitness Gym. While the first floor of the building will serve as a café that offers Wi-fi service to its customers. It perfectly suits for friends who wanted to go to a fitness center and then go gimik with barkada. This will be feasible since more people become aware and conscious of the body figure and health. Membership card will be given to its members. Booth For Grilled

This is a business establishment that will offer grilled foods to the customers. But it is also different from the other...
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