Undertaking a Learning Needs Analysis

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  • Published : May 18, 2012
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INFORMAL Report on UNDERTAKING A learning needs analysis


The following report provides a practical understanding of how learning needs analysis can form the basis for recommending learning solutions. It recognises various methods and models available that assist in identifying gaps between the skills and knowledge of the workforce and organisation objectives.


Reasons why learning and development needs may arise for both individuals and groups within the organisation.

Learning and Development needs for both individuals and groups.

Different methods of training and development for both individuals and groups.

Factors that should be considered when recommending Learning and Development solutions

Learning and development that may arise for both individuals and groups with the organisation.

A learning need is where a gap is identified between the current level of performance and a required level of performance. This “required level” could be of two types; where performance has fallen below or not yet reached a satisfactory standard, or where a new standard of performance is required.

Legislative requirements (meeting the legal requirements) – Statutory requirements, legislation current and planned in the UK and European Regulatory requirements Standards.

Organisational needs (raising the performance of the whole organisation) –Whole organisations business goals organisational climate future market place changes and trends. Current capability of the people in quantity, range, variety, and current levels of performance.

Job or group needs (raising the performance of groups of people with the same job) – Range of jobs or groups of jobs. Tasks needed with required standard of performance skills, knowledge and attitude required Professional qualifications.

Individual or team needs (Raising the performance of small teams or individuals) – Profile of person in terms of their skills, knowledge and attitude....
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