Understanding a Balanced Interpretation of Trotsky in History

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  • Published : May 28, 2013
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To what extent has history provided a balanced interpretation of your individual? The extent of a balanced interpretation of Trotsky within history varies throughout the differing aspects of his life and personality, however it can be considered that overall, it offers a balanced interpretation to a limited extent. His position as a Marxist offers a more unbalanced interpretation, as perspectives vary from stating that he was a practical Marxist idealist to perceiving him as a bloodthirsty terrorist. Similarly, interpretations of Trotsky appear unbalanced when considering his role as a propagandist through his oratorical skills and writing, which allowed for him to be viewed as a great Bolshevik figurehead, whilst Soviet Realism effectively eliminated his significance within history, and vilified him. Within his role as Commissar for War, however, offers a more balanced opinion as it is widely regarded both during his time and in more contemporary times that he was incredibly fit for the role, however there are still interpretations that vary from the romanticised notion of Trotsky as War Commissar. Therefore it can be considered that when considering different aspects of his life, the extent of a balanced interpretation varies, however that overall history offers a limited balanced interpretation of Trotsky, as within each segment of his life, there is no real mutual consensus, as differing contexts and agendas behind documenting history aim to colour Trotsky in different ways. Historiography allows for these differing opinions to be recognised as due to the different contexts and agendas behind historians for documenting Trotsky’s history, as history is a humanised process and thus flaws can be evident within the differing interpretations of Trotsky’s character. Trotsky’s role as a Marxist has generated far from a balanced interpretation, as he is viewed as both an inventive, evolutionary Marxist yet also contrastingly viewed as someone with a lust for...
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