Understanding the World with Aristotle's Physics

Topics: Aristotle, Causality, Philosophical concepts Pages: 3 (1197 words) Published: October 15, 2011
Rebecca Ellis
Philosophy 105L
Introduction to Philosophy

Fr. Bruce Taggart, O. Carm., Ph.D., Instructor

Aristotle; The Introduction of Physics

Aristotle was born in Stagira, Macedonia during the fourth century Before Common Era. At this time period Macedonia was a semi-Hellenized area in the Balkan Peninsula. Aristotle’s father was a physician. The fact that his father had a profession in society makes people wonder if that is what sparked Aristotle’s interest in his surroundings, or his senses, and biology, or the study of life. In 384 BCE when Aristotle was eighteen years old he entered Plato’s Academy and remained there for twenty years. During his time at the Academy he was most intrigued by the observation, research and speculation aspects of his studies. After Plato’s death Aristotle decided to separate himself from Platonic belief based on two main reasons. One, he disagreed with Plato’s theory of Forms, and two the skeptical and religious direction that the Academy was headed was not in favor with Aristotle. As an ex-student of the Academy Aristotle moved to Assos and married the King Hermias’ niece Pythias. He then moved to nearby Mytilene and started to study marine biology. From 343-340 BCE Aristotle was a tutor or Alexander, later to be known as Alexander the Great. Around 335 BCE Aristotle returned to Athens and established his own school, known as the Lyceum- named for Apollo Lyceios. The school was dedicated to collecting, classification, and observation. Most of the works that Aristotle did have been sought to be lost, form fire or time. Aristotle died in Euboea of natural causes in 322 BCE. It was later thought that Aristotle may have been involved in Alexander’s death and he too may have been murdered as a result of Alexander’s unexplained death. In order to establish his belief Aristotle had to reject Plato’s theory of Forms. He didn’t agree that there was a world of immaterial forms perceived by the soul and then another...
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