Understanding the Value of Creativity in Advertising

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  • Published : April 17, 2013
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Understanding the value of Creativity in Advertising

Creativity is thinking new things. Innovation is doing new things." (Theodore Levitt) In today’s media landscape where it’s very difficult to shape consumers attitude and intentions and move them to next level of buying process, advertisers find it even more difficult and challenging to break through the clutter of competing advertisement. The advertising industry has experienced dynamic changes over the last several decades. The changes have been good in terms of Technology advancement, Medium and more methods to attract consumers and on Creativity. This study represents how creativity impacted advertising and understanding the value of creativity in advertising through the Review of various literatures. The importance of creativity factor in advertising has got wide recognition by many researchers, practitioner, but there is a miss of true & systematic research to define advertising creativity and how it relates to ad effectiveness. The review study discusses some campaigns that have left their strong impression on consumers. The presented review study tries to come up with some evidence of creativity by reviewing expert views, past literature in advertising and marketing. The study discusses different forum on how creativity works, and what makes an ad to travel good or poorly. It summarized the value of creativity in advertising through Expert interviews, published material and related secondary data to understand the logic. Methodology: This study used a review study method to analyze the secondary data & observations. David Ogilvy once quoted that “If it doesn't sell, it isn't creative.” In this review study researcher has analyzed secondary data through the series of interview, expert comments, and live cases of various literatures and through live observations to understand the value of creativity in advertising. The review paper includes a various article, discussion and market insight from the leading marketers, creative director insights about how this promising form of advertising is constantly evolving. INTRODUCTION AND BACKGROUND:

“Creativity is seeing something new when you look at something old; it is all heart of civilization and is the driving force of revolution”-David Ogilvy It is an accepted fact that there should be an element of creativity in an advertisement. This creativity is something new, unique, extreme attractive and appealing to the consumers. In fact, advertising itself is a creative process. It is the outcome of long term planning and hard work on the part of the copy writer & creative director who prepares & shapes the final copy of advertisement. http://www.mbaclubindia.com /forum/files/37_37_creativity_in_advertising_project_report.doc In today’s media landscape advertisers find it even more challenging to break through the clutter of competing ads in order to shape consumers attitudes and intentions. A good alternative strategy to greater advertising spending may be more creative advertising. Understanding the fact that creative ideas do not come over night they are required to be developed through systematic thinking. Breakthrough ideas might appear to be instant or impulsive, but they are not. They are based on sound strategy, outstanding visuals and copy, and the correct application of timing and media. The art is in ensuring that all elements of communication work together so that the end result is more powerful and effective. http://crackminds.com/?p=221 There are much bold evidences that significant changes faced by this industry. Some of these changes are good: big ideas, innovative partnerships, & interesting new work, that show what advertising can do for brands. Advertising allows you to communicate a salient message to a large group of consumers faster than any other form of communication. It allows you to truly connect with your consumer; it gives you an opportunity to develop an ongoing relationship between the...
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