Understanding the Patient Care System

Topics: Physician, Patient, Hospital Pages: 2 (696 words) Published: December 2, 2012
The patient intake process, simply said, is the process of taking information to establish new patients into your facility. This process is almost never the same between facilities, however no matter how it is done, it is very time consuming. The process can also involve updating already established patient’s information. You do this simply by reviewing their information with them to make sure that it is all the same. Once they are finished providing you with any new or updated information it will need to be entered manually into your computer system for future reference. All new patients will have multiple forms and consents to complete before they are able to visit with that physician. These forms mainly consist of their demographic information, personal information such as age, gender, family health background, insurance information, and more. Once you fully understand the intake process and all that it requires you see ways that it could possibly be improved. After they are finished with the paperwork it will need to be entered into the computer system and filed into their new folder.

After looking back at the information that I have learned so far in this class and my past HCR class I feel that it the more diverse responsibilities the staff has the more mistakes that are made. When I worked at a medium size facility as a secretary on the medical/surgical/pediatrics I noticed that the nurses had so many jobs. They were expected to take care of the patient, enter full notes, fill out a Kardx (paper based information system for all nurses) admit their patients, discharge their patients, contact doctors for any consultations, and more. To me, this is way too much for a nurse to do. Nurses are our primary care givers at a hospital. Most doctors visit once to twice during a stay and the rest of the time our lives are in our nurse’s care. When your nurse has 1,000 tasks on her plate how is she supposed to give you her full care? I feel that if...
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