Understanding the Importance of Marketing Environmental Factors, Marketing Mix and Consumer Buying Decision Making Process of a Service Organizations.

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  • Published : March 2, 2013
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Submission date : 8th March 2013. TOPIC : Understanding the Importance of marketing Environmental Factors, Marketing Mix and consumer buying decision making process of a service organizations.

By : Mahesh Fernando MBA (ECU)AUS PG. Dip in Mkt. SL CPM Asia (AMF) MSLIM

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Task 01 Select a service organization which is in operations in Sri Lanka and do an Internal , Micro and Macro Environmental analysis. (25 Marks) Task 02 With reference to the selected organization, select one service and carry out a detailed analysis and identify key unique features in its marketing mix(7 Ps) elements. (30 Marks)

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Task 03 Understanding “Consumer Buying Decision Process” is very important to a marketing oriented organization. Explain the stages of consumer buying decision process with reference to the product/service which you have selected in task two.

Allocation of Marks
Task 01 Task 02 Task 03 Following assignment guidelines Total 25% 30% 25% 20% 100%

Select a service organization and give a brief introduction about the company and its services portfolio. (The student may visit company websites and gather the necessary information regarding the company and its products (product lines, brands, etc.)

Company History

: ABC Pvt Ltd. : 1996 with a staff of 4 and today its a 1 Billion LKR business. Products : ABC diploma program No of services : 03 Service names : ABC Diploma/ XYZ MBA program/ YYH Degree

Do a Internal/Micro and Marco analysis.

Macro Environment
Micro Environment Internal Environment Intra Firm
| People| Culture| Structure | Resources

Customers, Suppliers, Competition, Public, Stakeholders


Internal/Intra Firm environment


: Work towards a collective goal (Customer satisfaction) : Work to rule culture Vs task oriented


Structure : Customer centric or organization specific Resources : Brands, Financial, Partners etc.

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