Understanding the Holocaust

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  • Published : March 18, 2013
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Understanding the Holocaust

Holocaust was a time for fighting. The Jewish would fight for the right to live as they were killed for being Jewish. The Holocaust began in 1939 and would continue through to 1945. It was introduced by Nazi leader Adolf Hitler. His mission was to exterminate the Jews. It is estimated that 11 million people were killed during the Holocaust. Six million of these were Jews. Concentration camps were very effective in increasing my knowledge on the Holocaust. During my research I discovered many events that took place in the concentration camps. Most of the events that happened in the camps did not surprise me because I became aware that the Holocaust was very brutal. Prisoners of the concentration camps were put into difficult labour and killed. Many died from the living conditions and some were worked to death. The camps were built to fit many people in them, with bunk beds to save room. The concentration camps were designed with gas chambers. These were structures for mass murder, with in-built poison gas vents and steam. This was the most common way of killing. People were told they were going for a shower, and were ordered to march into the small concrete building. It was then sealed and the remains were cremated or put into a mass grave. The prisoners were divided into two lots at each concentration camp on arrival. The able-bodied men and woman were separated from the older citizens and children. While the elderly and the children were sent to the gas chamber, the men and woman were put to work for the maintenance of the camps. While those who were skilled in some way, like dress-makers and blacksmiths, were put to tasks specifically for them, the other woman and men were given kitchen and cleaning tasks. Time was maintained for every activity from the wake up siren to that at dinner time. Being watched from the watch towers around the camps was for all 24 hours. The prisoners were barely fed. The poor sanitary condition caused...
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