Understanding the Dream Process and Dream Meanings

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  • Published : October 16, 2012
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Understanding the Dream Process and Dream Meanings
Amanda N. Hollis
West Georgia Technical College
PSYC 1101
Treva Sexton

Understanding the Dream Process and Dream Meanings
Everyone dreams, but people do not always remember the dream. When someone actually does remember the dream there is a chance that person is wondering, “Why they would dream about that?” and “What does that dream mean?” In Freud’s The Interpretation of Dreams, he claims that dreams are meaningful and the reason why they are is because dreams represent wish fulfillment (McNamara, 2011). Dreams may seem weird and not make sense due to how we perceive our own thoughts, but most of the time people continue to focus on the same issues that they are concerned with while they are awake (Barrett, 2011). When people fall asleep they enter and alternative state of consciousness. This is the time where true inspiration can strike (Barrett, 2011). People sleep for about a third of their lives. People sleep in 90 minute cycles, each cycle containing a period of rapid eye movement (REM) and increased brain activity, about as much activity people experience when awake. Dreams occur most in rapid eye movement (REM) sleep or when awoke near the end of each REM period. When scientists awakened people near the end of each REM period, the sleepers recounted an average of almost five dreams per night (Barrett, 2011). Sleep stages two, three and four are called slow-wave sleep. About half of the time in these stages, people report that nothing happened, the other 50-60% of the cases, report that they were thinking about something. These thoughts are called sleep thoughts that involve some issue or event that a person has been concerned with during a previous day. Sleep thoughts are not considered actual dreams because they lack the action in a real dream. Almost all people who are awakened during REM sleep almost always confirm they had been experiencing realistic events called a true dream. A true dream...
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