Understanding Social Problem in Hong Kong

Topics: Wage, Salary, Minimum wage Pages: 2 (457 words) Published: April 15, 2013

Fast food restaurant is one of most common industry in Hong Kong. Some well-known company such as McDonald even is an international company. So what is the mode of operation under the global competition? According to the Marxism, the capitalist may perspective their staff in order to increase the profit. After the implementation of minimum wage, does the situation has improve? I’ll consider this critical problem in this essay and state about what kind of perspective they use before or after the implementation of minimum wage. This essay consisted to three parts:

1/ The introduction of this essay.
2/ How Marxism can explain the perspective problems and example. 3/ did the situation improve after the implementation of minimum wage example. 4/ Conclusion of this essay.


Marxism mainly consisted to two parts, Infrastructure and Superstructure. This has point out that if capitalist reduce the necessary labor, they can gain more profit. But, how to reduce? Before the implementation of minimum wage, fast food restaurant only provide very low salary. For example , the salary of part time staff of McDonald’s only can earn $19 per hour. That is absolutely not enough to maintain the daily spending. Way of perspective :

1. Very low salaries.
2. Most of them are part-time employees. [pic]
(reason: lower salaries should be pay )
3. Reduce salaries when taking break.

According to the Marxism, Residual value is equal to the profit of the company. As a capitalist , that they would reduce the expenses of the labor in order to gain much more profit. More than that , time – also is the main factor that can affect the residual value. For example , company A can made a male around 2 mins and company B can make a male around 4 mins. Hence, company can earn more profit compare with company A . That means the capitalist may reduce the time break in order to increase the speed of formation of product so that they can earn...
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