Understanding Scarcity

Topics: Chicken, Economics, Rooster Pages: 1 (546 words) Published: September 18, 2014

St. Aimee, Isis
Professor St. Aimee
12, September 2014

Understanding Scarcity (Short Story)
Have you ever did something horrifying, so terrible, so unacceptable, that you knew deep down in your heart that you had to take action to change it? Well I did. Hi, my name’s Rosetta, but you can call me Ro, and yes I am a chicken. I live here on this huge farm about 35 miles away from civilization. Farmer Jake, our owner, he’s been very busy trying to get us chickens to mate so he can meet the demand of eggs by spring time, but the rooster he brought over from, Tennessee were a little… half baked if you get what I mean. So, one day while I was pecking corn off the ground, I over heard farmer Jake talking to Nancy his wife, and boy were they heated. I her farmer Jake telling Nancy, if they didn’t get a least 500 eggs by spring, he would have to sell the farmer, and they would have to move to the city, and Mrs. Nancy flipped her wig, she told him if he didn't get us pumping babies next month she’s leaving him, and moving back to her mother's place in New York. I felt really bad since it was kinda my fault. Oh, yea I forgot to tell you the terrible thing I did. Well one day while the rooster’s was asleep I sprayed the with skunk spray, so that maybe they would leave, and we would have to be forced to be with them, and my plan worked quite well may I add, probably too well. All of the hens in the coop refused to step near them fellas, they smell worst then them pigs, even after 14 washes farmer Jake couldn't get that stank off of them, so he gave them, a tomato soup bath, which turned there feathers all pink, it was he-larrious. Them roosters looked darn near like mini flamingos, but I still feel really bad for jeopardizing farmer’s Jakes marriage, I have to do something, one day while farmer Jake, was feeling us corn kernels, he broke this thing, with the words “ECONOMICS FOR DUMMIES”, I’ve been reading it, and is says economics is the social science...
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