Understanding People's Emotions

Topics: Cognition, Psychology, Thought Pages: 1 (339 words) Published: October 23, 2010
Knowledge issue: Understanding people emotions, reading people emotions through expressions and language, but there is also a misunderstanding to some emotions.

How do people understand others emotions? People understand emotions through the facial expressions that one may make, and through language. Facial expressions are the key to understanding how somebody is feeling even if they do not say anything. Reason also has an effect on understanding ones emotions because we tend to think of why the person is showing that he or she is sad and can conclude that it is because of something that had happened. For example if someone’s grandmother dies and the person have a sad expression on their face we can use reasoning to say that that person is sad.

Another way that a person can understand emotions is through language. Language can be how a person speaks; the tone of their voice and how they may interact with others. In my opinion I believe that if a person is happy and content then he or she will talk to others without the others talking to him or her first. On the other hand a depressed person may be distant from people and are hesitant to speak.

Although we think that we are mind (emotion) readers we may be wrong about people emotions. We can sometimes interpret the wrong emotions; this is because some emotions may have similar reactions that one cannot differentiate. One of the most common misunderstood emotions is the surprised and scared emotions. The reason to this is because many people jump for both the surprised and scared emotions. For example, if someone walks into a room full of dead rats and did not know until they tripped, their reaction (reflexes) is to jump, and this emotion is a scared feeling. On the other hand, a surprised emotion is when a person gets a letter in the mail saying that they have passed their IB Biology exam, and the reaction to this is to jump and rip the mail open.
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