Understanding Organisations and the Role of Human Resources

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CIPD Assessment Report – Foundation (AR1)
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Understanding Organisations and the Role of Human Resources

(This piece of work has been based on the assumption that the ‘Manager’ in question will be joining the Call & Contact Centre Division) HR Consultancy – An Introduction

HR Consultancy is an independent Recruitment Agency that provides a service to various customers / clients in terms of permanent and temporary staff placements. It was founded by Hilary Roberts (The ‘HR’ in ‘HR Consultancy’) in 1996 and currently employs 40 staff across our Edinburgh and Glasgow offices. A financial services professional, Hilary had identified a need for a reliable and informed recruitment consultancy to provide high quality candidates to the financial services and contact centre markets throughout central Scotland.

At the outset, Hilary built the business on a number of simple beliefs:-

* To stand out from the competition through the quality of service provided * To offer a more individual and tailored service to candidates than was currently available in the marketplace * To work in partnership with clients and grow mutually beneficial relationships built on openness and trust.

These were the foundations of the business and they continue to define the way we do business today.

We believe that our greatest asset is the quality of our consultants and support staff and we take pride in the service we offer. We have Investors in People accreditation and are members of the Recruitment and Employment Federation.

We invest time and effort to understand your specific business culture, environment and recruitment needs, a commitment that remains constant throughout the time we work with you. You can be rest assured that we will only suggest suitable candidates when we thoroughly understand your individual circumstances and the sort of personalities and skills you are looking for.

We are absolutely passionate about what we do and believe that this is what makes us different from our competitors.

Areas of specialism

We have a highly skilled workforce and are very well placed to provide recruitment services in the following fields:

* Call & Contact Services
* Accountancy...
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