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In this essay, my objective is to demonstrate my understanding of the theoretical concepts and techniques used in hypnotic inductions and to discuss my reasons for believing that it is best that an induction is personalised as well as the reasons why they may not always be the best strategy.

Research shows that words make up 7% of our communication, tone and volume make up 38% and our body language make up 55%. In order to practice hypnosis, an individual's eyes are closed and the aim is to relax the body completely, leaving only words, tone and volume to communicate, this makes these factors very important in the process of hypnosis therefore using these factors right is the key to a successful induction. To my understanding, a personalised induction is a hypnotic induction screed that is tailored to suit a specific inividual. There are 2 induction styles that are used when personalising an induction, those are; the permissive technique and the authoritarian technique.

In the permissive technique, a softer tone of voice is issued to draw the subject into a state of relaxation. With this technique, the subject and the hypnotherapist are equal partners in the process of hypnosis. More imaginative suggestions are used and greater responsibility is given to the hypnotic subject to create the right state that is needed to achieve results.

Subjects who are most responsive to this technique are individuals who are very imaginative an creative because more specific imagery is used in the induction. This technique was devised by Milton Erickson in the 1900s, It is particularly used in subjects who are gaining to reach goals, such as people who want to become more successful in their occuption or career.

The Authoritarian technique is a more direct and authority based technique. It's purpose is to establish control over the subject. In this, the hypnotist commands the individual to respond in a specific way. Repititious commands are given in order to alter the subjects behavior.

This technique was made famous by Franz Mesmer. Subjects who are most responsive to the authortarian technique are those who have great respect for authoritarian figures, such as teachers, employers and police officers. This technique is best used on individuals who are suffering with problems that began from childhood which usually originates as a result of a response to an authority figure.

The authoritarian and permissive technique can also be personalised to an individual by identifying which type of suggestions an indiviual will best respond to and is most comfortable with. These are called modalities. There are 3 main types of modalities; visual(sight), auditory(hearing)and Kinaesthetic(feeling). There are many ways to identify an individual's modality. Their interests, eye movements when using their imagination, tone of voice, the words and phrases they use when speaking and even their body type.

Individuals who respond best to the visual modality induction are usually very creative and are interested in drawing, design and television. A visual person When speaking would usually use wording like; "looks good to me" or "the future looks bright". Or they may use more color references than persons with other modalities. When using their imagination, their eyes would go up and to the right. Their voice tone is generally faster but in a high, clear tone.

An auditory individual loves music and talking on the phone and find unpleasant and undesirable sounds highly intolerable. They would frequently use phrases like "that sounds good" or "I hear what you're saying". Their eyes would go right when imagining something. Their voice is usually an even paced tone.

Individuals who would respond best to Kineasthetic suggestions would usually use such wording like; "i know how you feel", " i can't put my finger on it" or "heated argument". Their eye movement when using their imagination would be down to the right. Their tone of...
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