Understanding My Self Concept

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  • Published : May 20, 2013
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Individual Work Week #: 2
Understanding my own Self-Concept

Beatrice Bailey

Everest Online

This paper was submitted to SPC 2300: Interpersonal Communication, taught by R. Nead.
Spring 2013
As a person your self-concept helps you communicate with others (Wood, 2013). I have been personally working on my self-concept for years. I feel that my early childhood experience has given me a false perception of myself. Throughout this essay I will be discussing on one of the many changes I would like to achieve. With this change I think I will be better able to communicate with my family and friends more efficiently.

The most important change that I want to achieve would have to be more open with my family and friends. I have already recognized how my self-concept was formed in my early childhood. I genuinely feel that I’m not a very loveable person because shortly afterwards my parents’ divorce I lost contact with my father. With me being a young child I naturally blamed myself for his absence. As a result, I tend to not be open to people so they cannot get close to me and potentially hurt me. Through the process of self-disclosure we can reveal information about ourselves as well as gain a new perspective on which we are as a person and by seeing how we communicate with others (Wood, 2013). This process is where I feel that will help me be a more open communicator. I tend to fail at this process just because of the risk that it entails to trust a person with the information that I choose to disclose.

I think that in order to achieve the change that I want my goal would to be able to vocalize my hopes and fears to a friend or family member. This seems to be a reasonable and realistic goal to set because regardless of my fears being able to openly communicate with the people I trust the most should be without consequences. In order for me to accomplish this goal however, I need to be able to accept who I am and not let my past define me and...
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