Understanding Leadership Styles

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Understanding leadership styles within an organisation

Set out here the various leadership styles ie Alimo Metcalfe The engaging leadership model. Also add afew more .

The set the scene for LBE Ethos for leadership. Followed by my own style of management and what impact that as on the team.

This assignment will firstly address the meaning of leadership, followed

The Leadership role is said to be “the manner and approach of providing direction, implementing plans and motivating people” (Us Army handbook 1973Miltary Leadership) There are said to be three styles of leadership, 1, Authoritarian or Autocratic

2, Participative or democratic
3, Delegative or free reign
Good leaders are said to use all three styles of leadership, with one being more dominate than the others. Leaders that tend not to be good at their role tend to use only one style.


This style is used when the leader tells an employee what she/he wants done and how of this method is when you have all the information to solve the problem but there is little time and the employees are well motivated.This style should only be used on rare occasions. This can be used if staff needs to be instructed to complete a piece of work.


This leadership style involves the leader and one or more employee, in the decision making. However it is the leader that makes the final decision. This method is used when the leader has part of the information and the employees have the other. The leader does not have to know everything; hence the employee being a knowledgeable and skilful employee could assist the leader. Using this style is of a mutual benefit, as it allows the employee to feel part of a team and allows the leader to make better decisions. This style of managing is useful if you wish the staff to be involved in the decision making and allows the staff to be part of the team. It also enables the managers to utilise the skills, experience and expertise within...
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