Understanding Iconography Art/101

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  • Topic: Native Americans in the United States, Art, Jan van Eyck
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  • Published : July 1, 2011
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I use the reading material in both chapters one and two to find my selected portraits and I feel I choose two different pieces of art but both are paintings. One symbolizes religion, while the other symbolizes the Indian Heritage. The two I choose was Figure 6 in chapter one and was painted by Jan Van Eyck known as a God Panel known as the Ghent Altarpiece, made around 1432 c,. My second one is that of the Treaty Signing at Medicine Creek Lodge, painted by Howling Wolf between 1875- 1878. That painting is figure 43 in chapter two of the text. The piece of art I choose was that of the Treaty Signing of Medicine Creek Lodge. I feel just what the Native American Indians went through back in the days and take pride in that no matter the circumstance they still had a positive outlook on the land and the people. I feel that the artist portrayed all four roles of and artist . The first one being he helped us see the world the way that Howling Wolf seen the world and nature even though they as a people where going through such great trials with imprisonment they still seen the beauty. The second role is that Howling Wolf created visual record of the trials the Indian people faced but still seen beauty in the nature and their village. Role three was of course portrayed by the way the way he painted the village but also the women and the land itself and that is beauty . I also found that he as a Indian people took pride in the women of his tribe by giving them grand headdresses which symbolized importance. The fourth one is hard to explain but I feel that Howling...
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