Understanding Human Computer Interaction

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Temasek Polytechnic School of Informatics & IT

Introduction to Human-Computer Interaction
CID1C08 / CID1X03

AY2011/2012 October Semester

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Nurdiyana Fatin Binte Sidik



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TP Library


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: Diyana Sidik : 1100471J : Introduction to Human Computer Interaction : PE02

I know that plagiarism is the blatant copying of information or material (music, pictures, etc) and passing it off as my own original work. I confirm that all information in this submission is original. I have not included information without giving proper citation and referencing. All pictures (if any) are either original or from a free source. I realise the serious nature of plagiarism and know that I will fail this subject and possibly all subjects in this semester if I plagiarise.

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NOTE: Pictures included in my report and work is taken solely from the school’s Library Portal. The TP Library logo was created by me simply by adding the word Library to the original TP logo.

Diyana Sidik 1100471J



User Scenario (GROUP) Sam is in his freshmen year in Temasek Polytechnic taking a Diploma in Mobile Technologies and is required to research on the iPhone developer scene before undertaking his first assignment which is to create a simple iPhone application that says “Hello world”. His first move was to find out how much resources there are available in the school library on the topic at hand and reserve a book for reference via the library portal.

Searching and Reserving a book (Previously) Upon reaching the site, he immediately saw the search in the center of the site, completely ignoring everything else. After typing in “apple” and pressing the enter key, a new tab opened and directed him to the search results. After the page was loaded, he discovered that there are 1042 results for the word apple, granted that not all of it would relate to the company called “apple”. He clicked on the first item in the search result which led him to a page providing a very detailed call record of the book. The book was currently on loan and he wanted to reserve it. Upon clicking it, he is redirected to login first. After logging in, he is redirected to another page to confirm a reservation with no information on what he is reserving. He clicks the “Go” button anyway and the book was reserved.

Diyana Sidik 1100471J



Searching and Reserving a book (Now) Upon reaching the site, he immediately saw the search, being the most prominent thing there, and noticed that he could search for other resources such as past year exam papers, multimedia resources and eArchives. He noted the opening hours marked clearly within a gradient box, typed in “apple” and hit enter. He was directed to the results page and immediately noticed that there was an eShelf function from the metaphor used below each result. He clicked on the first result and he is shown the call record of the book. He decides to reserve the book and clicks on the reserve button located below the book image. A log in prompt appears as a popup on the page blurring out the rest of the page forcing the login prompt as the point of focus. He logs in, the page refreshes and a popup appears asking for confirmation to reserve the book “Learning iOS programming”. He clicks confirm and a popup shows that the book was successfully reserved and he will be informed via email for a collection date. He closes the popup and logs out.

Diyana Sidik 1100471J



Screen Design (Individual)
Screen 1: Homepage Before


Diyana Sidik 1100471J



Description of old Homepage The TP Library’s current homepage contains...
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