Understanding How Learners Learn Ctlls Assignment 2

Topics: Learning styles, Preference, Kinesthetic learning Pages: 6 (1207 words) Published: January 25, 2013
Understanding how your learners learn, is your success!

There are many books and Internet websites written about the VARK Theory. It is the trainingfairy's opinion that as adult trainers we are not always interested in the in-depth theory, you need to have an understanding and run with it. This page will hopefully provide you with this understanding and refer you to books and websites to explore this subject further if you wish to.

"I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand." (Confucius 551-479 BC) .This quote indicates that from the early ages people had different learning preferences. Read the VARK model below and determine what Confucius' learning preference might have been.


Probably the easiest to understand and implement in your training programme. This theory is based on the FOUR main learning preferences your learners will have.

VISUAL- learners who would like to see it on the whiteboard, flip charts, walls, graphics, pictures, colour. They are probably your creative students, love using different colours in their workbooks, want to make their pages look pretty etc

AUDITORY-learners who would like to sit back and listen. They don't make a lot of notes

READ/WRITE- learners who need to read the information for themselves and they take a lot of notes

KINESTHETIC-learners who can not sit still for long, like to fiddle with things. They like to be actively involved in their learning.

It is important that you understand your own learning preference as you will be delivering in that preference as well. If your preferred learning style is visual, you will deliver in a very visual way as that suits you, but does it suit your learners? When planning your session, check that your delivery techniques have covered all of the above preferences otherwise some students are missing out on learning opportunities.

Please note that the VARK model is also known as VAK however many educators prefer to have the R added to the model .

In the Revision section the need for repetition has been explained. On average you will need to repeat information that you want learners to retain at least 6 times. So if you cover all of the above learning preferences you automatically cover the same material 4 times already. Now have a look at your preferred learning preference and the way you deliver as a facilitator

|As a VISUAL Learner I prefer |As a AUDITORY Learner, I prefer | | | | |to use colourful posters and illustrations |to use my voice to explain things | |to use an OHP or PowerPoint |to use a lot of group discussion | |to use the Internet |to use role play activities | |to use video/DVD/Television |to tell stories and jokes | |to use graphics, diagrams, pictures |to use music in the training room | |to use a range of different colour pens |to have learners do presentations | |students to produce posters/ brochures |verbal revision | | | | |Don't like using workbooks or organise any practical experiencing by| | |the students as it is all nicely displayed around the room....
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