Understanding Famine in Somalia

Topics: Famine, War, Civil war Pages: 4 (1217 words) Published: December 14, 2011
Name: Daniel Afonso de Solar
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Understanding Famine:

Famine is usually understood to be a decline in food availability. A sudden, sharp reduction in food in any particular geographic locale usually results in widespread hunger and famine. Understanding Somalia’s famine or any famine goes far beyond the traditional generalist statement mentioned above. A complex environment influences Somalia’s current and previous famines. Political instability, an undefined economic frame and armed conflict are almost always constant throughout Somalia’s history. Somalia has been a battleground in which 300000-400000 people have died as a result of its civil war that has been ongoing since 1991. Somalia's other war is hunger with global acute malnutrition, GMA exceeding 38%. War and hunger are a never ending story in Somalia, a vicious circle where war and the chaos created by it make it really difficult for any genuine change to take place to tackle the hunger problem. War comes first and then the rest: politics, economy and its people. Most countries are subject to their economy Somalia is subject to its conflict and like in everything the weakest are those who suffer the most. Food availability is not the problem; the problem is an economic disaster, a political chaos and above all its civil war.

To try to understand Somalia's famine, it is important to have a first glance at its politics. Somalia is a failed state its the international recognized government, the TFG (Transitional Federal Government) in control of only a small part of the country, there is other 7 factions which controls different areas of the country, with a terrorist organization ruling the largest area. A political chaos where there is no stability whatsoever with uncertainty being a constant. While 14 reconciliation attempts have taken place, none of them have been successful. When taking into consideration the countries' politics, government policies or government...
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