Understanding Evidence-Based Public Health Strategies

Topics: Epidemiology, Health, Medicine Pages: 4 (1210 words) Published: November 6, 2012
In this assignment the author is going to be explaining what public health is and describing the key aspects of public health strategies. P1
Public health is all about preventing disease and prolonging life through the use of promotions of services which are provided by the government to ensure the publics health. The NHS is an example of a service which is provided for the public for their health by the government. The official definition of public health is ‘the science and art of preventing disease, prolonging life, and promoting health through the organised efforts of society’ BTEC National Health and Social Care, Book 2, Stretch, B, Whitehouse, B, page115 Most individuals see public health being about disease and illness free but public health covers a wider range then just physical. Public health covers physiological aspects of us in our minds i.e. mental health and social whether or not we can ingrate with others, physical if we are absence of illness and disease and if our body’s mechanisms are functioning correctly. Public health is constantly monitored for patterns and trends in illness and disease which allows society as a whole (nationally) or locally to try decreasing the negative patterns and trends through putting strategies into place examples of theses are; nationally a none smoking day and locally Leeds tobacco stratergy. Public health is measured in statistics which allows us to monitor the public’s health to either increase or decrease current issues shown through statistics. Statistics are taken and put together from several sources from GP’s, Sales and Referrals etc statistics are not necessarily accurate due to issues like over reporting or under reporting illness etc. When strategies are put into place they may vary from place to place due to that locality and there areas public health needs, strategies are put into place nationally which means it is a nation health strategies for the whole of England and locally which will...
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