Understanding Discipline in the Uniformed Public Service

Topics: Police, Police officer, Constable Pages: 2 (1518 words) Published: March 16, 2015
To; Adrian
From; Abigail Kenny
Subject; unit 4 understanding discipline in the uniformed public services. 1; in this report I shall be explaining justifying and evaluating the need, role and impact of the two different types of discipline on two different public services using case studies to support my evidence. 2; in the public services it is evident that there is a need for discipline. There are two different types of discipline that the service requires these are; intrinsic; self-discipline and extrinsic; external discipline. A police officer needs to have both intrinsic and extrinsic discipline. The need to have intrinsic because every member of a public service is not only representing their self to the public they are representing the organisation as a whole. When helping the public or interacting you need to have a smart appearance as many people make a judgement based on your appearance if your uniform is sloppy and you aren’t in full uniform it may portray that you are lazy so you may become less approachable where as someone who’s appearance is smart and it looks like thy have taken pride in it they suddenly become more approachable as the impression formed is thy will do an effective job. Composure, in all public service jobs there may be tasks that due to the nature you don’t particularly want to do thus you have to maintain your composure by keeping calm and trying to think clearly. You cannot be seen to not be taking part in tasks within your pay grade or begrudgingly carrying out the tasks. Reliability, in the ups the public need to know that you will be there when they need you and that they can rely on you to help them. Having a lack of self-discipline can have a rather large impact on how you do your job and how others do their jobs. This is because things such as lateness means you will not get the full briefing f your daily tasks then others will need to take time out of completing their own work in order to tell you what you...
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