Understanding Concept of Learning

Topics: Learning, Motivation, Educational psychology Pages: 3 (787 words) Published: April 8, 2013
Understanding the Concept of Learning
Learning occurs daily for all humans and nonhumans. There are different cultures present in the United States and learning varies not only from each culture but also within those cultures as well. Learning emphases many other aspects and variables this is important to recognize differences between key concepts such as learning and performance. Learning also involves different conceptual approaches that affect this concept. Concept of Learning

Learning is when knowledge is gained (Terry, 2009). Learning has been identified in different meanings and ways each varying by the branch of psychology looking at it. Even educational psychologists vary in the meaning and concept of learning (Behlol & Dad, 2010). Learning has been explained in the quantitative sense meaning that knowledge in increased by memorizing skills, facts, and methods that are retained and recalled as required (Behlol & Dad, 2010). It also can be viewed as understanding or conceptualizing meaning, connection part of a subject material respectively and application to the real world, interpreting and making sense of reality, and grasping the world by the reinterpretation of knowledge (Behlol & Dad, 2010). Learning can also include adaption to circumstances or enhancement (Behlol & Dad, 2010). Learning versus Performance

Learning occurs in the mind, meaning it cannot be observed directly (Terry, 2009). Often there can be no behavioral change even though learning has happened (Terry, 2009). Performance is the person’s ability to reveal the information he or she has learned when presented with tasks or testing that pertains to the knowledge needing to be tested. Performance does not always have a good indication of the actual knowledge a human or nonhuman possess (Terry, 2009). There are many forces that can impact performance and those can be test anxiety, lack of studying skills, and stereotypes (Terry, 2009). Performance can often be measured,...
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