Understanding Christianity

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Religion is an English word derived from Greek word Re-Ligare which means ‘to bind together’. Though the etymological meaning of religion and any of its definitions do not fulfill the application of ideas, i.e., Christianity, Islam and similar others, but it has been used to define those ideas. Revealed religions of the world - Judaism, Christianity and Islam - and the Holy scriptures of those testify that all the revealed religions are linked in tradition and continuity. This article provides a general understanding of the revealed religion of Christianity. The purpose of this article is not to provide a definitive interpretation of Christianity because of the vastness of the subject. Basic point we strive to make is that there are varied interpretations of different aspects of the religion and there is greater need for introspection and openness.

The New Testament says that “For I suppose that of the scribes and Pharisees, you will never get into the kingdom of heaven. You heard how it was said to our ancestors, you shall not kill; and if anyone does kill he must answer for it before the court. But I say this to you; anyone who is angry with a brother will answer for it before the court. Anyone who calls a brother fool will answer for it before the Sanhedrin; and anyone who calls his traitor will answer for it in the hell fine” (Matthew 5:20-23) This word of Jesus Christ definitely means that he did not came in this world to preach an independent religion, he came to fulfill the former revealed law preached by prophets up to Moses. Jesus Christ was not intended to establish a new religious order. He was sent by God to fulfill the Moses’ law. Jesus Christ said that “Do not imagine that I have come to abolish the law or the prophets. I have come not abolish them but to complete them. In truth I tell you, till heaven and earth disappear, not one dot, not one little stroke, is to disappear from the law until all its purpose is achieved”. (Matthew 5: 17-18).

This word of Jesus Christ is directly order for all of his followers to follow the law for whom Jesus was sent but they do not, why? Because, St Paul said that “But now we are released from the law, having died to what was binding us, so we are in a new service, that of the spirit, and not is the old service of a writer code”  (Romans 7:6). How dare Paul said that! He taught against Jesus Christ to live with his follower’s skins. Here any one may put a question that according to Christianity the purpose of law or Jesus Christ was to free them from original sin and he freed his followers form that sin through his death. But we know from the old law, to complete what Jesus was sent, that the purpose of law was to establish and fulfill the covenant what was held between Moses and God. And that was the law. The Covenant is: “I am Yahweh you God who brought you out of Egypt, where you lived as slaves. You shall have no other gods to rival me. You shall not make yourself a carved image or nay likeness of anything. Is however above or on earth beneath or is the water under the earth. You shall not bow them or serve them. You shall not misuse the name of Yahweh your God, Honor your father and mother so that you may live long is the land that Yahweh your God is giving you. You shall not kill. You shall not commit adultery. You shall not steal; you shall not give false evidence against your neighbor. You shall not set your heart on your neighbor’s house. You shall not set your heart on your neighbor’s spouse, or servant, man or woman, or ox, or donkey, or any of your neighbor’s possessors. (Exodus 20:2-17)

Christianity is a continuation and an extension of Judaism. Moses’ duty, which was to fulfill his  covenant with God was incomplete. He could not complete his mission.  And therefore, Jesus Christ was sent to only Jews people to fulfill Moses’ covenant with God. On The other hand, St Paul interprets Christianity as an universal religion for all of the community living...
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