Understanding Choice Theory

Topics: Thought, Choice theory, Choice Pages: 4 (1123 words) Published: April 7, 2013
Q1: Who is the founder of choice theory? What makes choice theory different other motivation theories?

A1: William Glasser was the man who invented the idea of choice theory. It differs from other motivation theories in the basic ways such as choice is driven through the external factors where in choice theory all decisions are based on internal instincts and that a person has control over every action that they do.

Q2: What function does a person’s “quality world” serve?

Quality world is a person’s view of how they want the world to be. This can be a conscious or non-conscious view. A person’s actions and choices are affected and guided towards this idea of quality world. When aware of one’s own quality world they are able to enhance their decision making so that they have the best chance at achieving it.

Q3: Describe the difference between ‘stimulus-response theory’ with that of ‘choice theory’. Consider for a moment your own life, are you motivated by stimulus response theory or choice theory. Provide an example to support your answer.

Stimulus-response theory is that where a person’s actions are really just reactions to an outside stimulus which could be an other person or factor. Choice Theory is the need to fulfill one of five of the basic needs in life which is a total internal battle. The distinct difference is that Stimulus-response is external and choice theory is internal. An example of Stimulus-response is when the cashier at the grocery store asks for $20 so I feel obligated to give it to her. The Choice theory there was that I feel the need to survive so I decide to make a trip the the store so I can buy food.

Q4: List the five basic needs,for each for each need provide an example that fits with your life now.

The need to survive - Buying food at the store
The need to belong - sitting with others at lunch
The need to gain power - attending a school so I have opportunity later in life The need to be free - having the...
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