Understanding and New Life

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Coming to America            There are many significant parts of my life that have had a huge impact on my personality, but there is one that has not only affected me, but has changed me for the better. My personal life changing experience was coming to America. For me, this bridge between my old life and new life is a shaky bridge that I attempted to cross and entered a whole new realm of life which changed everything. The decision about coming to America has taught me how to respect other people, be more responsible, and be more loving towards various friends and families. It has also helped me adapt to the new life that I’m about to begin.            It was so unexpected. Out of nowhere my parents broke the news: “We’re going to America!” Living in a big town of Bhopal, India, our happy family of four consisted of my parents, brother and me. Who knew our life would change at the ages of nine (Aashil) and eleven (Rushil)? My brother, Aashil, and I were so excited, but were somewhat nervous at the same time. It was not only a fun situation, but it also brought anxiety to our hearts about how we would get adjusted to the new environment. Departing from my old life was the hardest challenge I have faced so far because stepping on that train in the middle of the night brought tears to our eyes and hugs from our relatives. But the minute we stepped out of that airplane into the land of opportunity, we all looked at each other, smiled, and looked ahead to the bright future we had lying in front of us.Building on a bright future required getting used to the difficulties that America brought us. One such difficulty was the various accents in our new home town, Greenwood. But over the years our parents have helped us in bridging the gap between two entirely different countries and cultures. The initial transition period was not easy because Aashil and I had to cope with the educational system due to the fact that studies are a lot different in India. As difficult as it...
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