Understanding Adolescence Problems

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  • Published : October 10, 2011
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Common Problems of Adolescence:
Concept Analysis

There are several problems that adolescence encounter on a daily basis that are part of life and growing up. These problems can range anywhere from anger, anxiety, and attitude to sex, homosexuality, or violence. Almost everyone at some point and time of their adolescence, experience situations in their lives that are common to several others in their age range. The things that we go through during this time period help mold us into young adults. During your teenage years rules, independence, and feelings are topics that there are no way around. Throughout all these problems communication is the key to helping with common adolescence problems. If you do not know how to communicate or have no open form of communication, mishaps might arise because of the way teens tend to express themselves during this phase.

Teenagers tend to struggle to discover who they are. With increasing life choices for women in our society, some people believe that identity struggle for teenage girls are more difficult than for boys. Yet the problem for girls and boys is identical. When teens push against the guidelines that parents set for them it does not mean that they are bad kids. Teens have to gain life for themselves by challenging rules and values that they discover on their own. Being allowed to make mistakes is part of learning. Sometimes the need for parents to protect adolescence can smother them or possibly alienate them. Though many roles that are put into play are appropriate, teens may try to challenge them without actually trying to change them. These challenges are part of the self-discovery process. Taking risks, testing limits, changing self-images, and challenging rules and conventions are all part of a teenagers’ search for identity. Adolescence need help trying to become someone instead of just being a child. They need to be encouraged to try things to challenge their abilities. Finding yourself is a big...
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