Understand the Role of the Social Care Worker

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Understand the role of the social care worker

1.1 - Some of the major differences in a working relationship compared to a personal relationship include pay. You are normally paid to be in the environment in which you are working. You may be working closely with people you would not socialise with. Someone who may be leading others in a working relationship could be someone who in a personal relationship does not take a controlling role. In a work relationship there may be professional boundaries which dictate standards. You may have to address or communicate with someone in an objective manner rather than give your subjective opinion.

1.2 - Different working relationships include those with my colleagues, my line manager and the service users. With service users I am representing myself and the organisation I work for, I need to be sympathetic and understanding, whilst I work to standards. With my colleagues I engage with them as my peers, planning, discussing and listening different aspects of our roles. I may also challenge them when I believe they may not be conducting themselves correctly. For instance if they were going to use equipment they had not been trained for. With my employer or line manager I take instructions and act on reasonable requests, conducting myself in a professional manner. If I believe something not to be correct or have any issues I usually address these with my line manager.

2.1 - The job role details what is required of me in my job. It says what I am required to do in my position, for instance personal care, domestic work and record keeping. It ensures that people are looked after appropriately and reduces the risk of processes being missed, helping to reduce the risk of accidents or neglect.

2.2 - Agreed ways of working means following an established procedure. This included complying with procedures laid down by employer, for instance the way we record information on our visits and handling clients financial...
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