Understand the Expected Pattern of Development for Children and Y...

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Understand the Expected Pattern of Development for Children and Young People from Birth – 19 Years.

By | November 2011
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Understand Child and Young Person Development

Outcome 1Understand the expected pattern of development for children and young people from birth – 19 years.

|AGE |PHYSICAL |INTELLECTUAL COGNITIVE |COMMUNICATION |SOCIAL, EMOTIONAL, BEHAVIOURAL & MORAL | |At |Born with swallow and suckle reflex and will ‘root’, |Will recognise the sound of their primary |Will cry to make their needs known, whether this|Bond begins to form between baby and their primary| |Birth |to find nipple to feed. Will grasp any object |carer’s (usually mother) voice and will also be|be hunger or feeling uncomfortable (e.g. soiled |carers. This is especially so during feeding. | | |touching the palm of their hands and sudden noises or|familiar with the primary carer’s scent. |nappy, too hot/cold) or distressed in anyway. | | | |bright lights will startle. When held upright on hard|Becomes more and more aware of physical | | | | |surface will often make “stepping” movements. |sensations, such as hunger. | | | |1 |Startle reflex is gradually lessoning and they will |Stops crying when picked up, and/or hears a |Eyes will follow a dangling toy held above/in |Will look intently at Primary care giver’s face | |Month |begin looking less stiff and inflexible. Held |familiar voice. Care givers may be able to |front of them. From around the 5 or 6 weeks |when spoken to or during feeding. Fleeting or | | |sitting, head will fall forward....

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