Understand How to Create Inclusive Learning in Lifelong Learning

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  • Published : November 19, 2012
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|Unit Number: |CU3813: Roles, Responsibilities and Relationships in LL | |Summary/Introduction: |The roles and responsibilities of a teacher in the sector of a lifelong learning are the key relationship | | |between the learner and the teacher, the teacher is endeavoured to treat each learner has an individual, | | |practising equality and diversity among the learners always. Having effectiveness of a good communication skill,| | |and the importance of self-evaluation and feedback. The use of the training circle and the Learning Styles | | |(VAK). The completion of attendance records, induction of learner for the course to identify their learning | | |style, which would, helps a teacher to plan the session more effectively, to be able to know the learners | | |learning styles, a learning styles test or skill scan needs to be carried out on the learner. After obtain the | | |learning style, boundaries and ground rules are established between learner and teacher to know their limit. | | |Having a duty of care for the learner, carrying out a one-one feedback with learners where needs arise. | | |Maintaining a record of the learners’ progress. Referring learners to others when necessary. Be aware of the | | |different types of levels of learning, the need of a good verbal skill, intellectual skill, cognitive strategies| | |and a good attitude towards the learners and the organisation. | |Learning Outcome 1: |Understand own role and responsibilities in LL | |AC 1: | Aspects of Legislation and code of practice are: | |Summarise key aspects of |Equal opportunities 2000: | |legislation........ |Learners must be treated as individual regardless of their gender, race, ethnic origin, religion, disability, | | |sex, civil partnership, age. Treating each learner fairly and according to their needs. Rights for learner to be| | |able to attend and participate in any session. These differences create productive environments where everyone | | |feels valued, talents are fully utilised and organisational goals are met. | | |Data Protection act: | | |Processing of learners information to be kept under confidentiality, not to be disclosed to another party. | | |Personal data must be accurate and kept up to date where necessary. Personal data shall be processed in | | |accordance with the right of the data under the act 1998. | | |Health and safety act 1974: | | |The responsibility to be able to protect yourself and all others around you, who may be affected, Learners are | | |entitled to learn in a safe environment. And be aware of rights as an employee to the employer. | |...
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