Understand How to Assess Information and Knowledge Needs

Topics: Decision making, Decision theory, Management Pages: 11 (2933 words) Published: April 7, 2013
Cheryl Codrington


To: the Managing Director of Oxford Business College


My aim of this report is to demonstrate an understanding of how important it is to assess the best approach to managing communications information and knowledge needs; using an examination of a range of decision-making examples used within the Oxford Business College.

There is a need for the approach to be logical and systematic because it helps to address the critical elements that result in good decision making. By being organised, you are less likely to miss important values; one can then build on the identified approach to make the decisions better, mainly by being aware of what the organisation aims to achieve.

Oxford Business College is a city-centre based higher education college, offering business-based qualifications such as the BTEC HND in Business Management. The college has 25 employees and over 200 students. Within its current structure the Managing Director oversees the decision-making for the whole organisation in relation to income and expenditure, departmental reports alongside overall welfare of the employees and students.

The benefit of planning is that the organisation can convert values into actions, when they are faced with a decision it could determine which decision will help to advance their plans. Example being at Oxford Business College, the managing director has to make decisions on what modules should to taught by which lecturer, which class room to be issue in what subject,. By using the information held on the students and lecturers as well as knowledge of the students, giving the level they are at, having the information from accounts show whether or not the students have made payment for the course.

1.2 Internal information is very important, as its trust worthy and influential, but one can’t treat all internal information in the same way. It is important to remember that the internal information used to make a decision comes from within the College (collated for a number of different uses), for example looking at the staff records to see what they can do, what skills have they got, what training have they had, do the staff appear at work at the right time. From the student's perspective questions such as 'Are the students satisfied with the modules being taught or their overall experience?' need to be asked for more detailed information gathering for identified groups in order to gain insight into the range of opinions.

The information and knowledge need that the Managing director within the business means having the property, staff , stock information ,- meeting, conferences, staff meeting is held to improve communication. The quality of communication within the business is very important, because everyone needs to know what going on within the business.

External information comes from outside the business. It is important to ask specific questions to help gather useful and detailed feedback, questions such as:

how much to charge the students?

how much can they afford to pay?

what is the competitor’s rate?

what are other colleges charging their students?

This information in turn can be used to help the college set a charging policy based on information gathered.


To access the information, it is important to ensure that the database is up to date and that it is designed to ensure efficiency, reflecting the needs of the organisation. Once this is understood then it’s easier extract a particular report. This in turn will help the students, employees, organisations and communities as they would then benefit from access to knowledge and information within the college.

For a senior manager, there are additional decision-making responsibilities, which may include:

How to locate students who have missed their classes- this can be done by viewing the...
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