Understand Ethical Principles in Relation to Providing Support for Individuals

Topics: Ethics, Medicine, Health care Pages: 3 (785 words) Published: October 29, 2012
P4 & P5: Understand ethical principles in relation to providing support for individuals Ethical Principles
When working in a health or social care setting professional practitioners are very often with situations involving moral dilemmas. Therefore it is important for the health, care and social workers to understand morality and the meaning of moral decisions and how they are linked to the practice of heath and social care. Health and social care workers also will need to have a clear understanding of their legal position, and the morals and ethics that form the basis of their best interests. In such legislation and professional codes of practice can provide valuable guidance for the health and social care worker. There are ethical points that need to be considered when dealing with moral dilemmas such as duty, safeguarding individual’s beneficence and many more. Duty

When working with vulnerable people, all health and social care practitioners have an important duty of care to protect their rights. If a proposed course of action or a treatment that could be very harmful to the individuals, practitioners have to assess the advantages and disadvantages. For example, cancer patients are very often advised to undergo a course of chemotherapy or radiotherapy. Both treatments involve some harmful side effect, but the benefits should outweigh the hearm caused by the treatment. Safeguarding individuals

Social care providers should male sure that the environments safeguard vulnerable individuals. That involves recruiting new staff and providing resources to ensure that individual’s needs are met. However, there are times when the behaviour or actions of one individual could harm other people within the organisation. Beneficence

Beneficence refers to actions that promote the wellbeing of others. In the medical context this means taking actions that serve the best interests of patients. Social care professionals have a duty to act in individuals best interests...
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