Understand Child and Young Person Development

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  • Published: December 18, 2011
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Assignment 023 Understand Child and Young Person Development Task A A1 Table 1: Physical Development

Age Range| Explain the sequence and rate of development | 0-3 months | Babies at birth have learnt to use their reflexes e.g. grasp reflex where a babies puts their fingers round object that has touch the palm of their hand. They are born loads of different reflexes that they do without thinking. At one month babies are less curled up and also start to use the standing and walking reflex where someone holds them up, and they usually make step movements. This can be different for every baby though.| 3-6 months | At this age they have learnt to lift and turn their heads, some with support are able to set up and are able to roll over from their backs to their fronts but this could be different for example an baby might be able to lift both their hands and feet in the air but not yet learnt to roll over. | 6-9 months| Their physical development has grown stronger and a lot more noticeable. They may be starting to crawl and be able to sit up on their own, which encourages them to play as they have learnt to handle toys and are becoming more skilful at touching things which also affects their feed as their able to pick foods up and feed themselves.| 9-12 months| Babies are normally at the verge of walking at this age as they may have learnt to stand up while holding on to furniture to balance themselves and some may be walking by holding on to things. Normally their eyesight as this age has developed to be the same as an adult making them faster, this is sometimes the age you will start to see if a child needs additional support.| 1-2 years| Normally by this age...
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