Understand Child and Young Person Development

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  • Published : July 8, 2012
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Assignment 023 Understand Child and Young Person


Table 1: Physical development

Age range Explain the sequence and rate of development

0-3 months newborn, infants are showing signs of physical development.

They can move their head and limbs, will start to grasp fingers

and if held in an upright position use their legs in a stepping


3-6 months infants can roll from their backs onto their stomachs and push

their head, chest and neck off the floor and they can carry on

doing the things they learnt the first term of their life. Can take

solid foods at 6 months, sit with support.

6-9 months gets first teeth,is better able to see things far away, can take

solid foods at 6 months. Begins to crawl, is able

to sit alone for a short time. Uses thumb and pointing finger to

pick up objects.


9-12 months drinks from a cup, can eat with fingers, pulls to a stand and stands alone, walks holding onto objects, can throw a ball.

1-2 years walk alone, will push and pull toys when walking and are able to kick, roll and throw a ball.( runs, climbs,steps, and explores) by using large muscle such as legs and arms.

2-4 years child will have greatly improved both their gross and fine motor skills,goes up and down steps alone, runs, uses spoon and fork, turns pages in books, kicks a ball, tries to dress self, toilet training....
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