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The Brand

The brand I have chosen is PowerAde. PowerAde is a sports drink targeted at people with active lifestyles, and is designed to enhance performance. PowerAde is a good example of an IMC campaign, as it uses many different channels to communicate its brand, and it integrates these very effectively. PowerAde is a well established brand with a strong customer base. This is a testament to their successful IMC campaigns which incorporate TV media advertising , endorsement strategies PR and social media.

Discussion of PoweAde’s integrated marketing communications Upon going to www.powerade.co.nz a slide show appears showing different promotions/features of the site. The first slide is of “the PowerAde challenge”.

The PowerAde challenge is an interactive run challenge organized by PowerAde. This runs from 01 June to the 31st July.

The idea of the challenge is that a course is marked out in Auckland with three PowerAde vending machines. Everyone who registered for the challenge is sent out a wristband which contains a microchip. By having people register, PowerAde can create a very useful customer database as they will gain consumers/potential consumers’ names/addresses/phone numbers and email addresses; which they can then use to target market certain promotions.

Runners swipe their wristband against a sensor on marked out PowerAde vending machines (which double as checkpoints). The runner’s times are recorded and automatically uploaded to the PowerAde challenge website site. The website contains a leader board where they can check their times against other runners taking part in the challenge.

This challenge is a very innovate tool that PowerAde are using for many reasons. For example…

-It links/leads the consumers directly to the point of purchase. I.e the vending machines (where powerade can be purchases double as the running checkpoints) -It creates buzz. People may ask about the wristbands and the runners can tell their friends. It is excellent branding as the PowerAde logo is clearly visible on the wristband. -It ensures encourages participants to frequently visit the PowerAde website to check their times. This helps keep the PowerAde brand salient in the minds of these runners. -It also links the product and the activity to endorsed athletes. For example endorsed athletes such as All Blacks will be taking in this challenge. This helps to further strengthen the endorsement power. And create a greater sense of connectedness with the consumer. -Another great touch point with this challenge is that participants go in the draw to win weekly prizes. And it so happens that the prizes are branded PowerAde gear such as hats, and chilly bins together with boxes of PowerAde itself. This is a great idea as it will further promote the product when people wear/use the gear.

Another excellent way PowerAde uses IMC is with the interviews on their website. PowerAde have interviews with the strength and conditioning coach for the All Blacks. He talks about such things as nutrition and hydration, and links these directly to the rehydration properties of the product PowerAde. This creates confirmation and recognition of the product, as people are more likely to believe something when it comes from an expert in their field. They also have interviews with All Blacks concerning such things as motivation and what it takes to be a top athlete. This is good because it further cements the idea in the consumer’s minds that PowerAde is a serious sports drink, and gives it more credibility.

Another way PowerAde have integrated their campaign is by placing the ads that are shown on TV on their website as well. This creates a linkage between the two different mediums, giving PowerAde more exposure.

PowerAde provides links to all its sporting partners on their website, such the All Blacks and super rugby, the Vodafone warriors, NZ cricket, and the Auckland marathon. Having these links on the websites provides a...
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