Underground to Canada

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  • Published : May 19, 2011
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Julilly is a slave at the Hensen plantation, with her mother, Mammy Sally. When a Slave trader from the deep South comes to choose his field hands, he rips Julilly from the arms of her loving mother and sends her into his cart. Both of them are devastated. When she arrives at the Riley plantation in Mississippi after the long trip, Julilly meets Liza, and they become instantly inseperable. They fantasize about the promised land, Canada. When Massa Ross comes to visit and chooses Lester Adam and Ben to show him the best "bird watching" area, He really secretly tells them how to escape to Canada. Lester immediately tells Julilly, who tells Liza. 3 days later after hearing 3 calls of the whippoorwill, the meet Massa Ross in the forest, to create a plan. Liza and Julilly disguise themselves as boys, and the run away. On the trip, they overcome so many obstacles, and take so many risks, but in the end they make it. However, they could never have made it without the help of the "Underground Railway". On the way, Julilly and Liza encounter some horrible news. Adam died of blood poisoning. Fortunately though, Lester has made it, and has a job in the town of St-Catharines. When Julilly and Liza make it to St Catharines, Angry Lester becomes sheepish as he tells Julilly about a surprise for her. As he is telling her, someone comes out of the kitchen. Julilly is overjoyed, because it is none other than MAMMY SALLY!
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