Underdog: the Culture and United States/western Culture

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  • Published : May 18, 2011
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The Underdog

Every game has a winner and a loser. The whole purpose of the game is to try to win. But what do you do when you’re completely expected to lose. What do you do if you’re the underdog? Every society is faced with an underdog, and in many cultures this idea is very straightforward. These would include the United States/Western culture, India’s culture, China’s culture, and Africa’s culture.

The United States/Western culture has very defiant features. Therefore being an underdog is not easy to hide. Many times in this culture being an underdog is simply paired with the idea of personal judgment. This culture looks at it as because you have this or you don’t have this, you cannot be like the others. You will never be as good. You are automatically considered the underdog. This idea is expressed in the text “Forrest Gump” by William Groom. In this text Forrest Gump is born with the disability of being mentally retarded. Due to this he is judged only from that perspective. People in his society do not believe he can do or go about life in the same way they do. They do not believe he can ever be as good. From birth he is an underdog. It is the way the culture is. Due to how Forrest is as a person he is expected to be an underdog and nothing more.

India in general is thought of to have a completely unique cultural. In many ways it is unique but in many ways it shares similarities to other cultures. As do many cultures many social classes exist in India. There are basically the rich the poor the middle class and then there are the slums or the beyond poor. These people have nothing. They live life like nobody could imagine. The people who are in this horrible social class cannot just get out of it when they choose. They can’t just move. They are stuck in this way of life. The people who live there though are still human. They can still think and learn just like anybody else. But because of where they live, how they live and where...
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