Undercover Boss

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Principles of Management
Undercover Boss Questions/Answers.
1.What trait do you see in Steve "CEO of Choice Hotel" that makes him a good manager? While watching the show, I noticed that Steve had organizational control. He had a good understanding of his company and what needed to be done in different areas of the company to better the organization as a whole. It’s clear that he cares about his employees and gives them great opportunities within his power to get a higher education. 2. Which employees would you consider intrapreneurs. Give specific examples. An intrapreneur is someone who works within a large organization that is innovative and creative enough to turn an idea into a profitable product. John the Director of Sales of the Cambria Suites hotel is a good example. He was charming and very aware of what needs to be said to customers in order to sell a suite to them. Also he was very dedicated to the company, like when he went to the company that provides furniture for them to say thank you. That was very smart of him because in the future the company will be glad to work with John and Cambria Suites.

3. Why do you think Steve "CEO of Choice" needs his employees--what does the book say about entrepreneurs needing good employees to surround them?
Everyone has their strengths and weaknesses. From watching the show, it’s clear that Steve wasn’t capable enough to do all the tasks that were asked of him, so therefore he needs his employees for that reason and more. In the text, it mentions that entrepreneurs need good employees to surround them because they are the people within a company who are patient, understanding of how to create the control structure necessary to manage a long term strategy.

4. Which employee from the video do you think has the most potential? Why?
The employee with the most potential to me was Bradilyn the Front desk Clerk at one of the hotels. I believe she has the most potential because she was...
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