Underbelly vs Chopper Connected Text

Topics: Gang, Melbourne gangland killings, Alphonse Gangitano Pages: 2 (516 words) Published: September 8, 2008
The two types of texts I am comparing are two different types of the underworld in Melbourne Australia. They explain the depth of crimes they committed and the gangs they were in. The novel I am using is Chopper Reads novel. In this he talked about his upbringing and joining the underworld as early as 15. The Movie I am comparing the novel to is Underbelly, written by Peter Gawler and directed by Tony Tilse. Under belly is about to rival gangs competing for complete control for the underworld.

In both the texts all the characters were free to make any decisions they wanted, but most of them would affect they lives greatly. In the novel Chopper read explains that almost when he was born his parents thought he was mentally insane. At the age of 7 he was taken to a mental hospital for treatments. But none worked. He got involved with the Melbourne underworld at the age of 15. The Melbourne gangland wars start the night the gangster Alphonse Gangitano, "The Black Prince of Lygon Street", and one of the legendary Carlton Crew gang, murders a low-life crim named Greg Workman at a St Kilda party for the sheer hell of it. The charming gangster Alphonse gets away with the murder by convincing two witnesses not to testify but the killing sets the tone for the mayhem that will follow, and sets Alphonse himself on a path to self-destruction. When Mark Copper Read did a crime it did not care if he got caught. He would just be happy that he accomplished what he wanted to do. He once saw a girl getting doing dirty deeds for a drug dealer for some cocaine. Chopper told her to go home and never come back to the city and everything will be alright. The next week he got 5 years for giving the drug dealers feet third degree burns. This is the opposite for the people in Underbelly. They only committed a crime if they were sure that they won't get caught. A lot of the time they just got hit men just to do there dirty work. I liked the concept of the Melbourne underworld from Mark...
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