Underage Voting

Topics: Democracy, United States Constitution, Fourteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution Pages: 2 (815 words) Published: October 19, 2010
Voting is important in our society and it is meant to help shape up our government. In America adults can get the right to vote at the age of eighteen. You earn a right to be heard and have right to have your opinion counted on what goes on in this country. I believe that our voting age should not be lower than eighteen, because many young voters can vote for foolish laws to get passed, they can make our government change for the worse. I believe that the voting age should remain at eighteen because adults have a better understanding in what are government needs. This is important because voting can change our society.

I agree that the voting age should stay at eighteen because many eighteen year olds are smarter than the average sixteen year old. Sixteen year olds are likely not to care about politics. Most of the eighteen year olds have learned about government in their senior year of high school, so they should be better informed with our government. Sixteen year olds don’t even take a government class until their senior year so they would not understand the responsibility of voting. Eighteen year olds are more mature; if they can graduate from high school, have a job, and join the armed forces, they would be more concerned with voting to change the system for the better. Some of these teenagers cannot keep up with high school. so they would not up to date with voting. On the other hand eighteen year old adults can make smarter votes. They will take their time to read and understand what they should vote for. They are also not likely to copy their parent’s votes. If we leave the voting age at eighteen then we will have smart, mature, and independent votes.

I don’t believe that underage teens should be able to vote. Usually these underage teens don’t realize how important the future of the government can be. If we allow them to vote they can change our government and then have an ignorant leader’s in power. Most of these underage teen that are...
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