Underage Drinking

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  • Published : February 28, 2013
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Underage drinking has a lot of negative outcomes and can affect you and the people around you. Drinking on campus can also negatively affect and jeopardize your status as a student. It can also be a danger to your health. Alcohol is the number one drug problem in America according to an online source from www.sacsherriff.com. It causes you to make bad decisions that you wouldn’t normally make. People become dazed, belligerent, and often find themselves with fines, at the hospital or even jail. Besides the fact that underage drinking is outright illegal it can also effect your career and your education. Companies will look the other way when your application has alcohol violations, and D.U.I.’s. Drinking on campus in the residence halls can also have very negative consequences, It can lead to your housing contract being terminated. To be successful in college you need to be a part of a safe community and not be distracted by the outcomes of alcohol. Drinking in residence halls also impacts your neighbors that are abiding by the rules. You end up taking away their rights of having a good and safe learning experience.

Violating the schools alcohol policy can also put you on probation. Privileges may be taken away from you like having visitors. It limits your freedom and just turns out to be a negative experience overall. There are many steps I can take as an individual to make sure this doesn’t happen again. For one, I can politely ask anyone in my room to leave that may have alcohol on them or in their system. Also I can inform an R.A. to make sure the person is safe and doesn’t harm himself or someone else. Also, I can make a pledge with my friends to avoid alcohol and drugs. Also I will never get in a car with someone who has been drinking. Instead I’ll call a taxi or a parent. Also I’ll convince anyone that I think has a drinking problem to seek help. I’ll ask them to talk to someone that can help like a counselor. I understand the policies of the...
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