Underachievement Among College Students

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  • Published : April 28, 2011
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1.The article should take me forty minutes to read in one sitting. I started reading at 7:55am


3.Underachievement is poor utilization of time and effort under conditions above your normal output. My most recent academic performance was six years ago, but my definition fits me then.

4.Personality characteristics, internal motivators, differential thinking skills/styles, maladaptive strategies, and positive attributes. An example, family environment which I think falls under personality characteristics is that if a child here’s one or both parents say, “Math was the biggest waste of time, and I didn’t like it” then the child is prone to that same attitude about math.

5.Activity choices what the student chooses to do and how much challenge is involved. Activity level is the amount of energy a student expends on an activity. Engagement behaviors the type and quality of behaviors a student displays when working on a task. Persistence the extent to which a student stays with a task. Continuing motivation the extent show of shown interest and desire to go above what is asked.

I had a computer class that had I applied activity level and had better engagement behaviors I might have past. I didn’t really complete my final where persistence could have paid off, and if I had applied continuing motivation I wouldn’t have to ask my wife how to build a formula in excel. I did have a finance class that I was very excited to take, I found it very interesting and fun, I worked out all my problems by hand then on a calculator so I could understand some formulas, and I made flash cards.

6.What factors did first-year college students at an elite university attribute their underachievement and what interventions or remediation did they feel might reverse that underachievement?

7.The study was performed at Queen Mary College, the average freshman GPA was 4.0. I think the reason why so many freshman go from As to Ds is the same reason...
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