Under the Same Moon (Movie Review)

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  • Published : April 17, 2013
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Under the Same Moon (Movie Review)
Under the Same Moon is a story about a nine year old boy, Carlitos, who wants to be reunited with his mother, but has to cross over the Mexican border to do so. The movie starts by us learning about Carlitos life in Mexico and his mother’s, Rosario, who lives in L.A. Carlitos and his mother speak every Sunday at the same two payphones, while Rosario reassures her son they will be reunited in the U.S one day. We also see her describe what it is like in the U.S. to Carlitos. But after Carlitos Grandmother dies, he is left alone in Mexico. He decides that he will cross the border alone with a little more than a $1000 in his pocket that he has saved. Carlitos manages to cross the border by being smuggled over by two college students in desperate need of money, but almost ends up disappearing under illegal human trafficking. A bystander watching took Carlitos under her wing who also takes care of illegal immigrants looking for work. He manages to escape from the authorities after almost being caught, while picking tomatoes for work. He tags along with a man named Enrique who also escapes and is not fond of children, but as the movie goes on Enrique enjoys Carlitos company. The two travel on looking for Carlito’s mother and the telephone she calls from every Sunday. Carlitos ends up discovering his mother by the telephone booth that she described to him, (the Domino’s Pizza, Laundromat, mural and party store all surrounding it), but Enrique gets taken away by the police trying to protect him. It is hard to find work for Rosario in Mexico, so by her traveling to the United States she is trying to provide a better life for her and Carlitos. Women were usually second choice after men in finding jobs because they believed men worked harder, which is a gender issue. The culture in Mexico is most like the U.S. by the celebration of Birthdays, how taking care of your family is a priority and school is always important. And the culture...
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