Under the Dome Theme Essay

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  • Published : February 2, 2011
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To Reach A Goal You Have To Work Together

In the book "Under the Dome" by Stephen King the theme of the story is that you have to work together to reach a goal. In the book the goal was to survive, and escape the dome that had imprisoned Dale "Barbie" Barbara and his townspeople of Chester's Mill. There are many examples that support my statement. In the novel Barbie is framed for the murders of Junior and is sent to jail. The towns people work together by breaking Barbie out of jail and killing Junior who had a brain tumor that was causing him to act in a psychopath manner. By killing Junior and working as a team they stop Junior from killing again. When Big Jim begins to see the dome as an opportunity to gain the power of the town, he begins to take over. He issues many restrictions and makes very unfair rules, while he gives power to his men. As the townspeople begin to see the dictatorship that is unfolding they unite and solve the problem by making a resistance againts Big Jim's so called goverment. Another example of the theme is that the remaining survivours of the rebellion act as one in order to find a place to hide in, so they can avoid the toxic firestorm that Big Jim's meth lab caused when Phil Bushey detonated the lab. The last example of how they worked together was when Barbie and Julia express to the aliens that they should lift the dome. To me in "Under the Dome" the theme is tha you have to unite so you can reach your goal, and I belive that there are examples throughout the story.
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